Breathing life into a OLD iMac

I don’t know why, but in the space of a week I bought 3 G3 iMacs. After a severe telling off from the wife, I convinced her that I would sell 2 and then get the 3rd one I paid for free!

So, I picked up a Blueberry 350mhz, and strawberry 400mhz, and finally an Indigo 450mhz.

All three switch on, but the Blueberry CD Drive eats discs, and makes a horrible whistling noise. The Strawberry one seems Ok, and the Indigo one – the best of the three is filthy, but appears to be the best spec. No keyboards or mice with any of them.

I cannot find a replacement CD drive on eBay, so I have cannibalised the Strawberry one for the Blueberry G3. I bought a 40gb HDD (the original was only 6gb!), and have put that to one side for later. I managed to get a matching blueberry keyboard and mouse but discovered today that half the keys don’t work – so that’s going back.


I plucked up courage during the united spurs match – we were a goal down after 6 minutes to CRACK open the Blueberry and put in the DVD Drive and HDD (10gb) from the Strawberry. After a nail biting hour or so, I had done it!

…and yes it works.


On eBay as we speak – wish me luck.