Getting to the Router of all evil


i like my router.

its a Netgear NIGHTHAWK D7800

but it’s a little bit inconsistent. Not faulty, it works well delivering decent speed fibre internet to the 33, yes 33 devices that are connected to it, but it teases me, it laughs at me, it says “F*** You”, every now and again.

It’s latest jape is to not let me watch the half dozen channels or so that I pay for as an extra on my TalkTalk TV box. It worked last week, but it doesn’t work today. I thought digital devices were logical. I tell you they’re not. A previous router decided one day not to let any wired Ethernet devices work. After much swearing and unplugging, and reconfiguring, it decided that they could visit internet land again.

The TV problem is caused by TalkTalks reluctance to let you use your own router. BUT I like my router, not their brown boxed Poundland equivalent. It’s all to do with IGMP – or a multicast setting. I can’t help it but I always read that as GIMP – I think they do that on purpose. I switch it on and it no longer lets me experience the delights of SKY 1.

bastard router

Maybe I don’t like my router – lets have a look at Amazon later!